Beyond Liberty

Beyond Liberty

a horse sanctuary where nature is the classroom and horses are the teachers.

Beyond Liberty is a horse sanctuary located in the Santa Cruz mountains, a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. 

The sanctuary serves as both a haven for horses to thrive in a community setting, where they continue to engage in socialization, and an interactive educational center for the public to deepen their understanding of and connection to the profound nature-horse human bond.

Founded on the principles of esteemed equestrian, horse communicator, author, and equine expert Carolyn Resnick, the sanctuary imparts vital insights into horses’ instincts, their intrinsic “code of conduct,” and the nuanced art of communication. The focus is on understanding and respecting the voice of the horse and allowing the horse a choice in his relationship with humans.

Our Mission

Beyond Liberty was established to connect more people into the world of horses through nature, education and direct personal experience.   The aim is to ignite widespread interest in and advocacy for horses and horse welfare.

The art of horsmanship is grown from the practice of connection, not the practice of force.”

Carolyn Resnick
By immersing themselves in the Beyond Liberty experience, individuals of all ages have the opportunity to discover the well-being and personal growth that arises from harmonious interactions with horses in the natural world.

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Your donation helps support our work in creating a community-based, publicly accessible horse sanctuary where humans and horses learn from one another.

Warrick Schiller, Kayley Batt, and Carolyn Resnick